The DISPLAY CHINA 2018 continues wonderful exhibition on the second day

Since the invention of the liquid crystal display, every development wave of the display industry is inseparable from the rise of new application markets. Even nowadays, as the technological routes of OLED, quantum dot display, Micro-LED, Mini-LED and other display technologies boom, development of the innovative application market has always been one of the focuses of the display industry chain, especially panel manufacturers.

This was fully verified at the DISPLAY CHINA 2018. Display panel manufacturers including BOE, Tianma, EDO, HKC and Mantix exhibited a range of display products in the innovative application fields such as smartphones, smart wearable devices, AR/VR displays, educational displays, industrial control display, smart city and vehicle displays.

Many display panel manufacturers participating in the exhibition said that on the basis of the rapid development of 5G, intelligent manufacturing, Internet of Things, Internet +, etc., the display terminal product application will be further expanded, and the future display will usher in a wider space of innovative application and imagination.

"5G" spring of the display industry

The rapidly developing new display technology industry is influencing all aspects of our lives, including smartphones, home appliances, consumer electronics, automobiles and smart city management. At the same time, the constant innovations of the new display from the new technologies to the new materials and the downstream application scenario network of the entire display industry chain have also offered huge opportunities to numerous companies. As Liang Xinqing, executive vice president and secretary general of the China Optics and Optoelectronics Manufactures Association LC Branch (CODA), said at the Sino-Japanese Display Industry Development Conference 2018 held concurrently, "The new application demands are constantly erupting, and the demand for communication terminals, especially mobile terminals, in the future is all closely related to the display." At this exhibition, innovative applications such as vehicle display, flexible display for smart phones, industrial control display, educational display, 8K TV display, and smart wearable device display have received extensive attention.

BOE 7.56 inch QXGA Phoneblet

It also showed a variety of terminal products such as the robot with two 5.99-inch AMOLED flexible screens on the head and body, the 12.3-inch S-shaped curved AMOLED vehicle display, and the 7.56-inch folding tablet to demonstrate the constant innovation in the display applications 

BOE robot flexible display

BOE staff revealed that it is adapting to the ever-increasing innovative display applications through production line division. It is learnt that BOE's below 6th generation production line will gradually shift to display products such as vehicle, industrial control, electronic label, medical and other display segments and sensors; three 8.5 generation production lines will correspond to LCD mobile phone display, notebook display, displayer display and 32-65-inch TV display; Fuzhou 8.5 generation production line which uses the cutting technology will focus on 43-inch TV display and some curved products.

As an important application market for the display industry, the vehicle display has always been an important segment of display companies including Tianma.

Tianma vehicle display

Tianma industrial control display

Tianma said that its display products have been used in the automotive field for more than 20 years. As the demand of driving safety, vehicle entertainment and navigation for display increases and the new energy vehicle rapidly rises, the vehicle market is showing a rapidly increasing demand for the display screen.

New applications, including educational displays and AR/VR displays are also fully demonstrated at this year's exhibition.

HKC education display

EDO's innovative applications in display

Driven by the popularization of 5G mobile Internet applications and the consumer demand for large-screen, high-resolution, high-definition, ultra-thin display terminals, terminals including the Internet of Vehicles, the Internet of Things, smart city management, smart home, industrial control and other display markets have developed rapidly and driven the rapid growth of demand for the display panel industry. This is well demonstrated at the site of the Mobile World Congress 2018 held simultaneously with the DISPLAY CHINA 2018.

The operators China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom, and the terminal manufacturers such as Huawei, ZTE, Lenovo showcased the leading products, services and technologies that shape a mobile future, including mobile phones, terminals, network infrastructure, software and services. And all these are finally displayed in front of people through the display products.

China Unicom Smart City Management System

The ports of mobile communication and the Internet of Everything will be mainly presented by the display, and the broader application demand for display market is vividly shown at the exhibition. According to the relevant person in charge of the exhibition organizer, while the display technology is developing rapidly, the downstream innovation application has lagged far behind the development of the industry. The arrival of 5G is opening up a brand-new broad application market for the display industry.


New opportunities, cooperation and challenges of display applications

At this exhibition, the display industry chain companies from Japan and South Korea also exhibited their latest technological products and innovative applications in the display field.

Part of Japanese exhibitors and exhibits


According to the report of relevant market research institutions, China's display industry has begun to surpass Japan and South Korea in terms of scale, but there is still a certain gap in product technology research and development innovation.

“China has formed a relatively complete display panel supporting industrial chain. The continuous growth of the panel scale has also driven foreign-invested enterprises such as those from Japan and South Korea to settle in China and form the supporting facilities. China also has a great demand for imported products, especially in terms of key materials and equipment,” said Liang Xinqing at the relevant forum of the exhibition.

Liang Xinqing, executive vice president and secretary general of the China Optics and Optoelectronics Manufactures Association LC Branch (CODA), gave a speech at the forum

Liang Xinqing also said that in terms of innovative applications, there is a large space for complementary cooperation between China's display companies and those in Japan and South Korea. From the Internet of Everything to the Display of Everything, the display, especially the small and medium-sized flexible display and ultra-high-definition large-sized display, will play a vital role. "In the small-and-medium-sized display field, the market competition among various technical routes such as OLED, LCD, and Micro-LED are becoming increasingly fierce." At the exhibition site, many companies believed that different display technology routes will find their own market in different display applications.

From the on-site demonstrations and related forums at the DISPLAY CHINA 2018 and the Mobile World Congress 2018, the display industry is ushering in the historical period featured by the eruption of demand for the downstream innovative applications, especially with the acceleration of 5G commercialization, the new display as the port of interconnection will play an irreplaceable role in a series of application scenario networks in the era of Internet of Everything.

On June 29th, the DISPLAY CHINA 2018 comes to an end after demonstrating the achievements from the cross-age application to the "most" in the display industry. It is not only the stage of display technology, but also the innovation festival of application scenarios! Let us gather together in the Shanghai New International Expo Center to witness the beauty of technology.


Exhibition organizers

China Optics and Optoelectronics Manufactures Association: The CODA is currently the only national industry organization in China's new display industry. The CODA was established in July 1996 and has absorbed 360 members from all over China, which mainly include display devices (panels) manufacturing companies, main and auxiliary materials manufacturing companies, special equipment manufacturing companies, scientific research institutions, and institutions of higher learning and so on.

Shanghai Reed Exhibitions Kuozhan Co., Ltd.: Shanghai Reed Exhibitions Kuozhan Co., Ltd. is a joint venture established in 2015 by Reed Exhibitions (the world's leading exhibition and conference event organizer) and Shanghai Kuozhan Exhibition Services Co., Ltd. (a company that specializes in planning and organizing large and medium-sized exhibitions and conferences at home and abroad), and is the world's leading exhibition organizer of the international touch screen industry in China, and one of the nine outstanding member companies of Reed Exhibitions in China. At present, the company holds industry exhibitions in Shanghai and Shenzhen each year, including the well-known C- TOUCH & DISPLAY, DISPLAY CHINA and FILM & TAPE. In addition to making the exhibition a professional one-stop industry integrated learning, procurement and experience platform, Shanghai Reed Exhibitions Kuozhan Co., Ltd. also holds various professional technical forums in the same period each year to attract professional visitors and buyers from home and abroad in the fields of smart terminals, automobile manufacturing, industrial control, aerospace, media advertising, smart health care and smart home to learn the most comprehensive and leading products and technical solutions, and actively promote the rapid development of the optoelectronic display industry in China and even the world.

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