Micro LED Display Conference 2019

China has soared to the world’s No. 1 slot in terms of total production capacity of display panels, which has strengthened its say in the global display industry and laid the groundwork for its display industry’s leap in growth. Meanwhile, the global display industry is at a critical stage of transformation, and the iterative upgrading of display technologies has yet to be completed.

Currently, the global display industry has developed a parallel development pattern of quantum dots, OLED, IGZO and Micro LED, and the development of these technologies has shown a trend of both crossover and fusion. Micro LED, with its multiple advanced features, is hailed as a competitive next-generation display technology. Despite the fact that a truly mature commercialization of Micro LED still may not occur for some time, Chinese display enterprises undoubtedly find themselves at a critical stage to achieve a technical breakthrough and to transform themselves from followers to leaders.

Micro LED Display Conference 2019 aims to enhance the capacity of Chinese display enterprises for independent innovation, while promoting the development of China's display industry towards the medium and high end of the global value chain. Following the theme of "Crossover, Fusion, Empowering”, the conference will bring together global Micro LED leaders to explore the latest trends and market opportunities in Micro LED from the perspectives of industry, technology, materials and capital markets.




Venue:Room E5-M32, SNIEC


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