Oct.11th--13th ,2023
Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center

About TAP Diamond Club

TAP Diamond Club offers a trading platform meticulously designed by DISPLAY CHINA for high-quality visitors with purchasing demand or plan from touch panel manufacturers, flat panel display manufacturers and touch screen application enterprises, and aims to connect you with senior management of our exhibitors.

By this platform, you can access to the latest information on products and technologies in the touch screen manufacturing industry, talk face-to-face with target exhibitors, enjoy exclusive top-level services and make your visit a joyful and fruitful experience.

How to become a TAP

If you come from the following functions with purchase intent in the below industry sectors, after pre-registration and being verified by the organizer you can become a TAP to enjoy all privileges!

·Touch Panel Manufacturers

·Flat Panel Display Manufacturers

·Touch screen application enterprises

Who are: Chairman, President, GM, Deputy GM, Division Manager, Purchasing Director, Purchasing Manager, Production Manager ,Manufacturing Supervisor, Facility Manager...

Messages from TAP Invited Guests

The TAP facilitates coordinate between buyers and suppliers. A greater number of professionals and more kinds of exhibitors are expected to join the next session of C-TOUCH Shanghai, thereby creating numerous ideal business matching opportunities within the industry.

——Guo Yulong, Technological Director, Suzhou Shenglaide Electronics

The organisers of C-TOUCH Shanghai 2015 brought together suppliers of finished touchscreens and touchscreen parts. Exhibitors displayed numerous varieties of exhibits. This show highlighted the organisational capacity of Reed Kuozhan. Other events do not provide TAP services in the way C-TOUCH Shanghai 2015 did. This show had a number of value-adding conveniences. For instance, extensive information about the exhibition was shared pre-show, so guests could plan for the event. The post-show services were also extensive, taking guests’ opinions into consideration. The TAP staff were knowledgeable, friendly and professional. We thank them for their great work.

——Huang Boliang, Purchasing Manager, Shanghai Boye Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.


The show’s TAP platform was very helpful. We thank the TAP staff, who remained constantly on call to exchange information and answer questions. They also helped us find exhibitors we wanted to see, and created an excellent environment in which to conduct negotiations.

——Chen Zeyu, Manager, Electronic Supply Department at Global International Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

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